Thursday, October 14, 2010

Wilton Cake Decorating Classes

If you are interested in learning to decorate cakes yourself, I would highly reccoment the Wilton courses. When I took them there were 4 but they recently comressed them to 3, took out some old stuff, added some fresh new stuff. You can sign up and attend the courses at many Michael's craft stores or even some Bulk Barn's.
Worried about money? Maybe now isn't the time to get into cake decorating then. I'd suggest just ordering a cake (from someone like me for example... if I weren't trapped in rez). Don't get me wrong, the courses themselves are cheap, about 50$ each I'd say, except that at Michael's they are almost always 50% of or something close to that so I think mine were about 25$ each. That's not bad at all you might say, and you'd be right...IF the tools for cake decorating were provided. And there are tons of things you'll need. Now you could just buy the kit for each class... that's about 50$/kit on average if I had to guess. So you have what now maximum 100$/ class x 3 = 300$ at most and you could be a cake whiz too. Ha! If only it were that easy. Trust me when you are taking a cake decorating class in a store that sells cake supplies you will not be walking out with only a 50$ kit of the absolute essentials. You will want and feel you need more so you can do the best job possible, your peers in your class will be buying more and encouraging you to do the same, and you can bet that the Wilton hired instructor will be pushing extra Wilton brand supplies too. Let's just say I walked out of my first class with a tool kit that had "everything I'd need" for a mere $200... I went on to spend probably $500-$1000 more over the rest of the classes.
If money isn't a problem or you have reeaally good self restraint then I say DO IT!!! Wilton cake decorating classes are sooo fun, and you learn tons! More than even some college pastry programs I've heard.

So there's something to think about if you've always wanted to try your hand at cake decorating. Here is a picture of one of my projects for a Wilton course. Enjoy!

(it was supposed to have more flowers, I was busy haha)


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